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First I AUTOUSE, since it is a question of one of FECMES principal aims for what strains in promoting it stimulating the development of new opportunities of business that in turn materialize in the entrepreneurship in our region, protected in the values of the social economy.

Related to it they turn other projects since it is INSEREMPLEO case, which aim is to increase the empleabilidad of groups with difficulties to join on the labour market, being the beneficiaries in this case drugdependent, mental patients, disabled physical and immigrant, between(among) others, across actions(shares) to achieve that the companies of social economy facilitate the labour insertion to them incorporating them between your workers.

Also TECNOEMPRENDE, European project which assignment is the entrepreneurship of technological base in Castile - The Spot, with the aim(lens) to show the autoemployment in innovation as a fullly in force alternative and with high possibilities that in addition it serves as source(fountain) of wealth(richness), employment and of competitiveness, being a key for the development of our region.

On the other hand projects with at that it is employed together with the regional administrations as,like is the case of the COMPUTERIZATION of companies of social economy, with your campaign of renovation of computer equipments(teams) that possesses(relies on) the success harvested in six previous editions, complementing her in addition with the design of web pages and the account creation of e-mail for all the companies of social economy. In the same sense your work regarding the QUALITY in the companies and your certification in the matter.

And PREVENTION OF LABOUR RISKS, obtaining the increase of the sensitization on the part of the companies of social economy, for what FECMES created the SEMPRE - Joint Service of Prevention of Labour Risks-, which preventive functions correspond(fit) to the technical specialities of Security in the Work, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psicosociologia
And certainly the rest of assignments at which FECMES is employed day after day, straining for women fomenting the FORMATION(TRAINING) directed workers of companies of social economy besides to groups in risk of exclusion, to unemployed persons... with a wide offer of courses and the work that it recovers in turn across the different departments which it relies on like they are design, engineering and processes, comunication and marketing, economically financially, juridically - labour...