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FECMES's work is divided into three different yet
complementary fields:

As an organization representative of the businesses of the social economy of Castilla-La Mancha, one of the principal objectives of Fecmes is to facilitate the access of these different institutions and entities where their presence is considered necessary to defend interests, stimulate the public enterprises or those private enterprises in favor of their activity, and show the important social and economic realty to which they conform.


Thinking as much in the institutions as all of those entrepreneurs that look for a practical answer to their business anxieties, Fecmes takes charge of promoting the huge possibilities of generating employment and wealth which different social variants and social economic organizations offer. Its diffusion and promotion are carried out in all of the possible fields, from the Administration to the University, and very especially in the local field, where Fecmes maintains a wide collaboration with towns and communities of all of the region.

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Made from the businesses of the most competitive social economic organizations, the flexibility to adapt to the changing socio-economic characteristics of the environment is another of Fecmes' primary objectives. Conscious of the informative necessities and of the advice of businesses that they cannot cut-down in today's labor aspects, countable and fiscal - how it has succeeded for many years - , Fecmes has been growing slowly in structure in function of these necessities until they grow to a total of seven departments, prepared not only to attend to the actual demands of the businesses, but also to propose ideas and initiatives which orient future performance.