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The economic reality shows that businesses cannot be content with orienting their activity exclusively in the sense that the market signals. They miss something. In the demand of a product or a service converges a series of variables that the businessman is obligated to control. The difficulty is based on the fact that many of these variables depend on the initiative of the proper businessman, that which makes the commercial beginning of a job very complex that urgency of exhaustive planning and of tools of investigation every time more sophisticated. To help the businesses develop a beginning in accordance with these new urgencies, achieving the penetration into new markets and the impulse of business groups with common strategic objectives, is the principal objective of this department.

Development of commercial investigations to know the conditions of the demand and the characteristics of the consumers, as much in the quantitative plan as the qualitative plan.
Analysis of international markets.
Analysis of the foreseeable change in the demand through the market tests, analysis of models and temporary series, and other estimations.
Commercial information on markets, statistics, business and population census, date basis, contacts with distributors, methods of transportation, etc.

Strategic planning (to incorporate the variables that permit the anticipation of changes in the future.)
Planning marketing (to facilitate the commercial adaptation to these changes).
Commercial planning (to advance the objectives of sales defined by the business).

Driving of the interbusiness relationships through the creation of united businesses, temporary associations, or other possible forms.
Begin centers for sales and shopping.
Fomentation of cooperative programs to streamline costs and obtain economies of scale.

Creation of their own commercial lines.
Creation of commercial lines concerned with intermediate grades of distribution.
Creation of franchise lines.
Design of logistics systems to begin the stream of information and commodities that generate as much in the interior as the exterior of the business.
Design of sales zones and routes.
Merchandising projects to promote better the points of sale.

Planning and production of publicity campaigns.
Planning and production of promotion campaigns.
Organization and start up of commercial markets, assemblies, etc.