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Complying with the classic functions
of information, advice, and
representation specific to this area, Fecmes' Legal Labor department includes the distinct fields of rights (civil, financial, labor, and administrative, principally) and offers like the remaining departments of our organization an integral assitance in all of the jurisdictional, legal, and administrative questions that can come up in the businesses of social economy.

Business Constiution (scheduling the creation process, elaboration of statutes, and legal negotiation, etc)
Updated information on the legislative modifications
Registration of brands and commercial names
Dissolution of the societies.

Normalization of contracts (labor contracs, introduction and dismissal of workers, self-employed documentation, etc.)
Management and presentation of documents before the Social Security institutions (formulation of price bulletins, concern for pensions and other benefits, documentation for the start of the activity, etc.)
Retention lists and documents
Dismissals, means of the regulation of employment, representation before the social-labor jurisdiction, etc.