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Parting from a perspective that situates the innovation in the center of the business planning, the engineering and processes department takes charge of lending complete assistance to the company in as much as the technological innovation is significant: from the search and the adaptation of new technology that contribute to rationalize the work and the productive processes, lowering costs and increasing the competitiveness, to the advice on how to complete the normal stance in quality, regarding the environment or the labor risks.

  • Development of software in measurement.

    Creation of computer programs adapting to the necessity of each user.

    Installation of lines in the local area.

    Installation of systems with the necessary connections to permit or improve the communication between the computer teams of a business, and moreover, between its workers and departments.

    Internet Access.

    • The beginning of the installation of the line.
    • Installation and configuration of the precise hardware elements for the connection.
    • Start a website.
    • Joining beginning of new domains.

    Integration of telephone communications.

    • Study the necessities of phone communications for the business.
    • Select the connections and the types of phone equipment.
    • Install the system.
    • Maintain the hardware and software

Engineering of projects.

  • Elaboration of the project plan of the productive installation.
  • Edit the descriptive memory.
  • Edit the section on technical conditions.
  • Realize the measurements and budgets.
  • Draw plans.

Begin production plans.
  • Elaboration of the production plan long term.
  • Come up with a master plan of production corresponding to medium term.
  • Come up with a master plan for production for the short term.
  • Program and control the activities of production.
  • Start and control projects.
  • Study the methods of work and the time it takes to execute them.
  • Control and begin inventories.

Design automatism.

  • Study the operations to automatize.
  • Design and program the mechanisms to apply.
  • Install and begin with the different mechanisms.

Energy saving.

  • Study the metering system that is most convenient.
  • Technological and economic study of the different energy sources that can be utilized
    Technical and economic viability of the cogeneration plant