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From the elaboration of the study of previous viability to the current standings of a business, from the information about the method of obtaining the public help and subsidies most adequate to its activity, this department offers complete advice for the planning and starting of business activity. The support of the small and medium sized businesses before the effects that the growth process of globalization and internationalisation of the Spanish economy has in the financial business studies, constitutes another of its priorities.

General accounting
Expense Accounting
Control of budgets
Carrying out audits
Formal obligations (complete obligatory books, recording of the same, etc)

Financial plans
Information and handling of help and subsidies.
Compensation formulas for risks
Formalization of agreements with public and private entities
Financial analysis (inversion, access to credits, prevention of insolvency situations, etc.)

Realization of viability plans, as much for the creation of new businesses as for businesses in trouble.
Analysis of inversions and of managerial profitability
Attention to consultations and information services on novelties and economic actuality.

Carrying out reports of fiscal incidences and novelties
Consultative information and attention given to legislation, taxation jurisprudence, amortization tables, tariffs and IRPF modules, tax of societies, IVA, etc.)
Advice and start up of fiscal transactions for the constitution of societies and the beginning of the business activity.