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The principal function of the design department is to create or adapt the elements of communication of the business and the product, modernizing and improving its position in the market through its image. The realized work about this element is to say the value of adding to the product the design and communication represents today for all business one of the strongest bets in the area of innovation.

Design and investigation of products. Redesign or products already in existence to adapt the proposition of the business to the new conditions of the market. Study of the use and applications of materials to new packaging or wrapping.

Creation of logos. Development of the corporate image of the company. Graphic supports of the image, principally the elements of personalized stationery. Publication of manuals of the image. Design and publication of periodical publications and other editorial products. Preparation of product catalogues. Preparation of business catalogues. Photography. Pamphlets. Etiquettes. Cartels. Packets.

Trends investigation.
Design and development of collections.
(Invesmark system of Investronica)
climbed, marked.
textile design

Production of publicity announcements (press, radio, television, etc.)
Creation of graphic supports for publicity.
Design of promotional articles and advice on selection.

Catalogues on CD-Rom
Web Pages.
3D design and animation.

Organization of commercial space.
Fair stand.